Geoff in UN-Habitat Global Urban Lecture series

The United Nations has just released Geoff’s lecture on land tenure and property rights as part of the UN-Habitat Global Urban Lecture series. You can see it on their website.   The lecture distills 30 years of international experience on land tenure issues to provide a short, non-technical review of concepts, issues, methods and policy examples. Geoff hopes the lecture will […]


Late last year, we celebrated twenty years since Geoffrey Payne and Associates was established. I wrote a short paper to reflect on these two decades and outline the actions I think are needed to improve access to land and housing in the future. I invited friends to contribute their own thoughts and ideas and I […]

UK DFID report – August 2015

In early 2015, Geoff was commissioned by DAI Consultants to produce a report for the UK DFID on ‘Legitimate land tenure and property rights: Fostering compliance and development outcomes’. The report went through several iterations involving several colleagues in DAI and was finally published by DFID in August 2015. The report is intended to inform […]

Secure Land Rights for All

‘Secure Land Rights for All’ addresses land tenure issues and policy options in both rural and urban areas.