‘Engaging with urban informality and standards’

Geoff was invited by the UK Built Environment Advisory Group and UN-Habitat to make a presentation at the Transition Training and Dialogue on Global Future Cities, for senior officials from nineteen cities in ten countries. The event was held during 10-14 September at the Royal Institute of British Architects and Geoff’s presentation was on ‘Engaging with urban […]

Ethiopia Affordable Urban Land and Housing Project

Geoff is now back in Addis Ababa working as the lead land adviser on the ICF International project for the World Bank. He has been undertaking a review of the extensive literature on urban land policy and practice as a basis for identifying options for consideration by central and local government.

Mongolia Project: Urban Land and Service Area Growth Planning Due Diligence

Geoff returned to Ulaanbaatar in October and November 2017 as the international land expert on the DAI project being undertaken for the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). The project seeks to understand how urban planning, urban expansion and urban land policy can support the water investment by MCC.

Geoff’s visit in January 2018 to Amaravati, the new capital city of Andra Pradesh, India

  Geoff was commissioned by the World Bank to review the plans and land policy instruments being applied for the development of the new state capital after the bifurcation of the state in 2014. Land for the new capital is being acquired by three policy instruments, namely land pooling, negotiated settlements and formal land acquisition. The land pooling scheme is possibly the largest in the world and is the subject of local debate. Geoff’s role is to assess the way the policies are being implemented to ensure that no groups are disadvantaged.

Ethiopia Urban Land Supply and Affordable Housing Study

  In late 2016, Geoff was invited by ICF Consultants to join their proposal to undertake a major review of urban land supply and affordable housing in Ethiopia. The proposal was successful and Geoff has been appointed as the lead consultant in the review of urban land production and lease transfer, while Dr. Graham Tipple […]

Geoffrey Visiting Senegal for the 2017 World Habitat Awards

Picture by BSHF. Geoff was invited by David Ireland, Director of the Building and Social Housing Foundation, to visit Senegal to review a shortlisted project for the 2017 World Habitat Awards which the foundation sponsors and organises. Geoff was one of several trustees invited to visit projects in different countries and was in Senegal between […]

Indonesia, 4th mission 2016: Land aspects of house upgrading programme

In this latest mission, Geoff and was commissioned to analyse and make recommendations on the land aspects of the national and local house improvement program (BSPS). The mission involved meetings in Jakarta and visits to the cities of Padang and Semarang, with a short stop in Yogyakrta. Visits were made to ongoing house improvement projects […]

Indonesia, 2nd and 3rd missions, 2015: Land and affordable new housing

Following the initial assignment in 2014, Geoff was commissioned by the World Bank to undertake further analysis and prepare recommendations on land management and physical planning aspects of a proposed ‘starter core’ housing program. The program is intended to improve access to affordable new housing for lower and low income households and involved two missions […]

Indonesia, 1st mission 2014: Strengthening the land market for affordable housing

Geoff was commissioned by the World Bank in October 2014 to contribute to a program to strengthen the government’s approach to land policy to improve the availability of, and access to, urban land for low-income housing. The mission provided inputs into Indonesia’s Housing Policy Roadmap with recommended policy interventions in the short, medium and long-term […]

Vanuatu: 2nd mission, 2015

Traditional customary house Vanuatu National Housing Policy Geoff has been appointed by the World Bank to help prepare a National Housing Policy for the Republic of Vanuatu. An archipelago in the South Pacific, the people of Vanuatu have the reputation of being the happiest in the world, even though it has also been defined as […]


Uganda housing standards project Geoff was commissioned by UNDP to act as the international Facilitator for a two day retreat meeting on “Developing Housing Sector Service and Service Delivery Standards for Uganda”. The retreat was organized by the Uganda National Planning Authority (NPA) and held in Kampala during the week of 12-16 January, 2015. Although […]

Vanuatu: 1st mission, 2014

  Geoff has been commissioned by the World Bank to contribute to a mission assessing housing and settlement policy in Vanuatu. During a mission in September, 2014, Geoff worked with the Mission Leader, Rumana Huque, to: i) undertake a quick assessment of the current status of housing provision; ii)  assess the current role and potential of […]