Geoffrey Payne & Associates have contributed to many international journals. Below is a list, though not exhaustive, of articles published over recent years. The papers can be downloaded and re-distributed; however any reference to any part of these works must be properly acknowledged and the papers cannot under any circumstances be modified and then re-distributed.

Uganda needs investment for all - not just the rich

Published in Africa Freak, September 2015

Challenging Neoliberalism

Published in the Arc Peace newsletter, April 2014

Inspiring urbanists: John F. C. Turner and the right to control one's own housing process

Published in Global Urbanist, January, 2012

The limits of land titling and home ownership

(with Alain Durand-Lasserve and Carole Rakodi) Published in Environment and Urbanization, October, 2009, Vol. 21, No 2, pp. 443-462

This article is reproduced with the kind permission of the Editors of Environment and Urbanization

More from this journal

Owning up: what price home ownership?

Published in Housing Finance International, December, 2008

Beware of sub-prime housing policies in developing countries: The Third World poor could be the ultimate victims of the home-loans crisis

October 2007

Getting ahead of the game: A twin-track approach to improving existing slums and reducing the need for future slums

Environment & Urbanization Vol 17, No 1, April, 2005

Land tenure and property rights: an introduction

Habitat International Vol 28, 2004

The World Bank on security and stability: The listening bank?

id21 Viewpoints, Brighton, August 2004

Safe as houses? Securing urban land tenure and property rights

Writer and editor of special issue, Insights, No.48, id21 Brighton, October 2003

Secure Tenure for the Urban Poor

(with A. Durand-Lasserve, E. Fernandes and M. Smolka), CIVIS, No.3, September, 2002

Lowering the ladder: regulatory frameworks for sustainable development

Development in Practice, Vol.11, No.2&3, 2001, pp. 308-318

Tenure and property rights - The way ahead

Urbanisation Newsletter, DFID, Issue 14, May 2002, p. 6

Review of De Soto's 'Mystery of Capital'

Habitat Debate 2001