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Farewell, and thanks, but not goodbye!

Geoff with interns Itzel and Anshika

GPA interns Anshika Suri and Itzel Obregon Prescott are completing their collaboration with GPA and returning to complete their Master’s degree courses. Anshika and Itzel have made a major contribution to the preparation of a feasibility study for self-financing and affordable housing in Ulaanbaaatar, the capital of Mongolia, where Geoff is currently engaged on a World Bank project to review affordable housing issues and policy options (see Projects).

They have also helped to redesign and update the GPA website and create a dedicated GPA network of existing and previous Associates, Research Associates and interns. Geoff wishes them every success and happiness in the future and looks forward to keeping in touch.

New GPA Interns

Geoff with interns Itzel and Anshika

Geoff is delighted to welcome Anshika Suri and Itzel Obregon Prescott as interns at GPA. Anshika is from India and Itzel is from Mexico and both are currently studying on the Mundus Urbano Masters programme at the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany. During their time with GPA between July and September, Anshika and Itzel will be helpng to prepare some proposals on affordable housing in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, which Geoff will be presenting at a workshop in October. They have also offered to revamp the GPA website, so stand by for a sharp improvement in readability!