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Ethiopia Urban Land Supply and Affordable Housing Study

In late 2016, Geoff was invited by ICF Consultants to join their proposal to undertake a major review of urban land supply and affordable housing in Ethiopia. The proposal was successful and Geoff has been appointed as the lead consultant in the review of urban land production and lease transfer, while Dr. Graham Tipple has been appointed the international lead in reviewing affordable housing.  The project will involve detailed studies in three cities, Addis Ababa, Adama, and Mekelle. Geoff will be working in collaboration with the local land expert Dr. Wondimu Abeje and Graham will be working together with Dr. Elias Yitbarek. The project will include a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods including extensive household surveys, semi-structured in-depth case studies, key informant interviews, focus group discussions and a review of the extensive literature on the subject.

Enjoying a coffee with Elias and Graham in the country where coffee was discovered

Enjoying a coffee with Elias and Graham in the country where coffee was discovered

The project will be undertaken over an eighteen month period and will include presentations on findings with key stakeholders in Ethiopia and discussions on policy and regulatory options for improving access to affordable, secure and reasonably located land for all those in need and means of strengthening the capability of central, provincial and municipal authorities in urban land management and administration.

Street scene in Mekelle

Street scene in Mekelle (መቐለ)

Local residents in Mekelle

Local residents in Mekelle (መቐለ)

Geoff undertook the first of several missions in March, during which he met key officials in Addis Ababa and Mekelle and visited a range of residential, commercial and industrial developments. A second mission is planned for early May to initiate the key informant interviews.

Ethiopia Land Policy Review

Funding bodies: GIZ (Germany)

Duration: April-May 2011

GPA was commissioned to undertake a review of a draft land policy paper prepared by a Task Team appointed by H.E. the Minister of Urban Development and Construction and related documents and to offer recommendations based on international good practice. Geoffrey Payne was Team Leader with Alain Durand-Lasserve and Michael Wagner as team members.

The project involved reading and reviewing a number of documents prepared by MUDC and the land Task Team appointed by H.E. the Minister of MUDC, attend meetings of the Task Team, visit a range of projects and urban development areas within Addis Ababa and contribute examples of good practice from international experience to ensure that urban land policy and practice for Addis Ababa, and eventually for other urban centres in Ethiopia, was built on solid foundations.

The assignment had four main components: land development, land administration, land information and real property registration. In practice, it was realised that there is considerable overlap between these and the latter two were combined during the assignment to reflect both the substantive connections and interactions between them and also the structure of the consultancy team.

The output of the project was a report submitted to the Ministry of Urban Development and Construction Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, and the Co-ordinator of the GIZ Urban Governance and Decentralization Programme in Addis Ababa.