Land, Rights & Innovation

(Editor) Intermediate Technology Publications London, 2002 Every day millions of people around the world spend their hard-earned income improving houses they do not officially own or legally occupy. The vast majority are poor householders in urban areas of the South, where, in some cities, more than half the population lives in various types of unauthorized […]

Urban Projects Manual (Second Edition)

(Joint Editor), Liverpool University Press 1983. British contribution to International Year of the Homeless. Second edition 2000. This manual was first published in 1983 and has been continually in print ever since. This second revised edition contains updated text and references that have brought the manual up to an appropriate standard for use as a […]

Making Common Ground: Public/private partnerships in land for housing

 (Editor) Intermediate Technology Publications (for DFID) London, 1999 This book provides a comprehensive review of experience in designing and implementing a wide range of partnerships for the efficient and equitable use of urban land. Using examples from countries throughout the world and at all levels of economic development, the author looks at the achievements and […]

Urban Land Tenure and Property Rights in Developing Countries: A Review

ODA/Intermediate Technology Publications, London 1997 Urban land markets exert a major impact upon the ability of lower income groups to obtain access to adequate shelter and services. When they do not function well, the poor suffer more than anybody else. Whilst the importance of land issues has been widely recognized for many years, urban land […]

The Living City: Towards a Sustainable Future

 Routledge 1990 The options and probabilities for the future of cities are issues of outstanding contemporary importance, both in the developed and developing worlds. The living city draws together both current main steams ideas on their futures and various alternative views to enliven the debate and put forward an agenda for sustainable urban development, emphasizing […]

Informal Housing and Land Subdivisions in Third World Cities: a Review of the Literature

 CENDEP, Oxford Polytechnic 1989 Studies of informal sector housing within developing countries commonly embrace a wide variety of settlement processes. The literature abounds with studies of “self-help” housing, case studies of slums and squatter settlements and their locally defined variations. Whether it is termed an informal, popular or private sector activity, it has been widely […]