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Solomon Islands and Vanuatu


Geoff undertook a second mission to the Solomon Islands from 21 July – 03 August as part of the joint World Bank Justice for the Poor (J4P)/UN-HABITAT project on public land governance in the capital, Honiara. The mission team was led by Victor Vergara, Urban Sector Leader, East Asia Pacific, and included Shaun Williams, Land and Natural Resources Governance Adviser, Justice Reform, Legal Vice Presidency, Sarah MecArtney, UN-HABITAT Programme Manager for the Pacific and Geoff Payne, international adviser.

The mission team met members of the secretariat to the new National Task Force established by the Cabinet in October 2011 in order to discuss support for the Task Force once it has met. The team also met many other stakeholders from private and civil society groups and made presentations to an invited group as a basis for consideration. A tour was also made of the city and surrounding area to see developments on urban land and housing.

The mission then visited Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, where an intensive round of meetings was held with senior officials in the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Lands, a Member of Parliament, the Lord Mayor, Town Clerk, chiefs from the Port Vila Council of Chiefs, the Director of the Department of Local Authorities, planning professionals and staff from AusAid. A tour was also made of the city to see a range of housing types, both formal and informal.

Urban Public Land Governance in Honiara, Solomon Islands

Funding bodies: The World Bank, using funds provided by AusAid

Duration: May 2011, ongoing

To provide support to the Government of the Solomon Islands and the relevant ministries and local government agencies in Honiara for the national policy objectives of improving urban public land governance.

The mission is the first phase of a Scoping Study requested by the Solomon Islands Government and involved field work in October, 2011. A follow up mission is planned to present an Issues Paper developed during the first mission for consideration by a National Taskforce as the basis for an extensive program of consultation. The mission is being undertaken jointly with a team from the East Asia and Pacific regional office of UN-HABITAT. The project focuses on the capital, Honiara and is managed by the Justice for the Poor programme in the World Bank.

Geoffrey Payne is contracted to contribute to the mission on land management, and urban planning and housing issues.