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Urban Projects Manual (Second Edition)
(Joint Editor), Liverpool University Press 1983. British contribution to International Year of the Homeless. Second edition 2000.

urbanprojman1This manual was first published in 1983 and has been continually in print ever since. This second revised edition contains updated text and references that have brought the manual up to an appropriate standard for use as a basic development tool for urban professionals and their client communities. The manual is based on field experience in many countries, but particularly that gained in Ismailia from 1977-1980 in designing and implementing the first “sites and service” and upgrading project to be adopted formally and implemented in Egypt. The manual closely follows the technical process employed in carrying out the project and concentrates on the approach rather than particular solutions. This allows it to be used in many situations.

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Urban Projects Manual
(Joint Editor), Liverpool University Press 1983. British contribution to International Year of Shelter for the Homeless 1987

urbanproj1editionAttitudes towards low-income housing in the expanding cities of the Third World have been undergoing considerable change in recent years and the positive characteristics of these settlements are gaining increasing recognition. Urban Housing in the Third World asks whether these processes have gone far enough in realizing the urban dimension of housing problems and the existing concepts of housing and planning and the assumptions upon which they are based, and suggests alternatives.

Parts One and Two study the historical, economic and social context of rapid urban growth and housing settlements and discusses the existing inappropriate assumptions which inhibit the evolution of more realistic policies and programmes.

Part Three presents a detailed case study of low-income settlements in Delhi. The findings of this study are drawn on in part Four which discusses alternative approaches to housing and settlement problems.

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