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World Bank Institute International Workshop, ‘Scaling up Upgrading and Affordable Housing’, Udaipur, India

 Geoff was invited to participate in the International Workshop on ‘Scaling up Upgrading and Affordable Housing: From National Policies, to State Programs and City-Wide Slum Free Interventions’, in Udaipur, India. Geoff presented a paper on ‘Land Markets and Regulation: Building Better Urban Futures’. To download a copy of Geoff’s presentation, click here.

Approaches to Urban Slums

Geoffrey Payne contributed to “Approaches to Urban Slums. A multimedia sourcebook on adaptive and proactive strategies”, edited by Barjor Mehta & Arish Dastur, with multimedia by Steffen Janus. The book was published by the World Bank Institute (World Bank, Washington DC, 2008) and launched on 21 February 2008. Geoff contributed extensively to the Proactive Approaches section of the multimedia sourcebook by drawing upon his previous work, experience, and publications. He was also interviewed on innovating tenure policies. For more information, visit the World Bank Institute website.